Reflective Supervision

Reflective Space
for professional growth
and well-being

Looking for reflective supervision? If you’re a social worker, counsellor or other types of helping professional, this space is for you.

Why Reflective Supervision?

Self-Care & Professional Growth

  • Attending to your well-being is the best gift you can give the community, clients, your family and yourself.
  • Acquiring professional knowledge and therapeutic skills is an extension from your well-being and strengths.
  • Appreciating the complex thoughts and emotions allows you to experience the therapeutic relationship you share with your clients (in reflexive practice).

Co-creating the Reflective Space –
Laying the Expectations Upfront

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a pause zone.

It means stepping back from the immediate, intense work. It means making space for yourself to untangle and sort through observations and experiences. It means taking care of yourself.

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a safe and shame-free zone.

By providing a non-judgmental ear, we will guide you to attune to yourself and attend to your psychological safety. A practitioner who feels safe can better self-regulate, reflect and be more effective.

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a respected and protected zone.

Neither reflection nor supervisory collaboration will occur without regularity of interaction. Effective supervision takes place on a reliable schedule. While time is precious, it should be protected from cancellation, rescheduling or procrastination.

That said, every practitioner knows that there are times when scheduling conflicts or emergencies happen, making it necessary to reschedule supervision meetings. When this happens, schedule another time to meet as soon as possible.

However, if the need to reschedule happens frequently, it makes sense to consider why is it so:

  • Is the selected time an inconvenient one?
  • Is anyone overburdened here, or having difficulty with time management skills?
  • Is there some tension in the supervisory relationship prompting either party to postpone the meeting?

At TSC, our Supervisors reflect on our practice too. Let us know if there are any challenges affecting the scheduled supervision time.

Life can be Complex

That’s why professionals also need other professionals in this journey.

What to Expect

Frequency & Duration

Each session takes about 1 hour. Frequency and duration is according to your learning needs and availability.

Supervision fees
  • S$250 / hour (individual)
  • S$600 / hour (group of 4 to 6)
  • S$100 / hour (students undergoing social work, counselling, education/early childhood/special needs education, medical and nursing training)
* Optional personal coaching app
(for individual supervision)

Between scheduled online sessions, your supervisor gets real-time progress updates through the coaching app and do a check-in in between sessions.

Our Supervisors’ Profile
  • Practitioners with at least 15 to 20+ years of experience.
  • Registered supervisors with either Singapore Association of Social Workers or Singapore Association of Counselling.

Hear from some Supervisees

“My supervisor is a clear-headed practitioner equipped with ambidextrous thinking. While examining an issue, she is able to think linearly and systemically.

She offers valuable insights for me to reflect my practice. In addition, she is also patient; willing to take time to explain practice theories. I have enjoyed learning from her.”

Ivan Lee,
Social Worker
(Residential Home / Special Needs)

“I feel very comfortable with my supervisor. She demonstrated what mutual respect and collaboration is, so I do not feel judged. Her gentleness enabled me to practise my skills freely and I flourished with her affirmations.

She is discerning and analytical, understanding my perspective, but always able to deliver another viewpoint from a different angle. She is a good clinical and reflective supervisor.”

Judy Heng,
Healthcare Practitioner

Everyone’s Growth Journey is Unique.

Ready to start yours with us?

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