Reflective Supervision

Reflective Space
for Professional Growth
and Well-Being

Seeking supervision? If you’re a social worker, counsellor or other types of helping professional, this space is for you.

Why Reflective Supervision?

Self-Care & Professional Growth

  • Attending to your well-being is the best gift for your community, clients, family and yourself.
  • Acquiring professional knowledge and therapeutic skills extends from your well-being and strengths.
  • Appreciating complex thoughts and emotions enhances your therapeutic and working relationships with clients and colleagues.

Co-Creating Reflective Space –
Setting Clear Expectations

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a pause zone.

It means stepping back from intensity, creating space to reflect, untangling, and caring for yourself.

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a safe and shame-free zone.

By providing a non-judgmental ear, we guide you through self-attunement and psychological safety. A secure practitioner can enhance self-regulation, reflection, and effectiveness.

TSC’s Reflective Supervision is a respected and protected zone.

Effective supervision requires regularity. Protect scheduled time from disruptions.

That said, every practitioner knows that there are times when scheduling conflicts or emergencies happen. Reschedule promptly when needed.

If rescheduling occurs often, it’s worth exploring the underlying reasons.

  • Is the chosen time inconvenient?
  • Is anyone overwhelmed or struggling with time management?
  • Is there tension prompting meeting postponement?

At TSC, supervisors also reflect on our practice. Discuss with us any challenges impacting scheduled supervision.

Life can be Complex

That’s why professionals need peers and guidance in this journey.

What to Expect

Frequency & Duration
  • Individual Supervision takes about 1 hour.
  • Group Supervision takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on learning needs and content design.
  • Frequency and duration vary according to your learning needs and availability. We will work out the details with you.
Supervision fees
  • S$250 / hour (individual)
  • S$600 / hour (group of 4 to 6)
  • S$100 / hour (students undergoing social work, counselling, education/early childhood/special needs education, medical and nursing training)
* Optional personal coaching app
(for individual supervision)

Between scheduled online sessions, your supervisor gets real-time progress updates through the coaching app and do a check-in in between sessions.

Our Supervisors’ Profile
  • Practitioners with at least 15 to 20+ years of experience.
  • Registered supervisors with either Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW) or Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC).

Our Supervisees’ Reflection

“My supervisor is a clear-headed practitioner equipped with ambidextrous thinking. While examining an issue, she is able to think linearly and systemically.

She offers valuable insights for me to reflect my practice. She is also patient; taking time to explain practice theories. I have enjoyed learning from her.”

Ivan Lee,
Social Worker
(Residential Home / Special Needs)

“I feel very comfortable with my supervisor. She demonstrated what mutual respect and collaboration is. Her gentle approach encourages skills practice and growth and I flourished with her affirmations.

She is discerning, analytical and perceptive, offering different viewpoints for reflection. She is a good clinical and reflective supervisor.”

Judy Heng,
Healthcare Practitioner

Everyone’s Growth Journey is Unique.

Ready to start yours with us?

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