Resilience Consult

Emotional Health Screening

Building your Emotional Resilience
is as important as caring for your physical health

Somatic Responses

Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms?

You can tune in to these bodily responses and gain insights to your mental and emotional health. Learn coping techniques and embed them in your daily routines as strategies to build your emotional resilience.

Prevention is always better than cure

Tips for calibrating your emotional health:


Notice your thoughts, emotions and bodily responses to changes and stress.


Give attention.
Don’t downplay what you’ve noticed.


Take action early.
Seek help.

Have you done any emotional health screening?


Approach professionals to help you.

Our mental health coach can help you gain insights to your emotional health and explore steps towards improving your self-care.

Why You Need Regular Emotional Health Screening?

Do you want to

  • Identify early signs of sleep problems, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns?
  • Avoid heavy expenses from late treatment?
  • Know how you can proactively improve your self-care and resilience?

    If it’s a YES, check out our Resilience Consult below.

Resilience Consult

We offer interested enquirers an online consult session (S$30).

During the consultation, we will:

  • Discuss your well-being based on your responses in pre-consult questionnaire
  • Recommend strategies for improving self-care
  • Discuss how and where you can get further support, if you need it.

* Those below age 18 will need to obtain consent from parent / legal guardian before proceeding with request.

Booking with Ease

Do a 2-mins pre-consult questionnaire

Schedule online consultation

Our Clients’ Stories

Baby Steps towards Self-Care

“I found myself in low moods and having difficulty concentrating lately. I wanted to know what’s wrong. Dawn (mental health coach) was non-intrusive and I felt comfortable sharing with her. With her help, I discovered how I have neglected myself and we managed to explore some baby steps to improve my self-care. It was a good experience. Thank you, TSC!”

Sales Executive (age 29)

Insights to a Deeper Pain I Wasn’t Aware Of

“I took up the online consult referred by my GP because of my persistent headache and work stress. I wanted to explore solutions.

It felt really good that Winston (mental health coach) processed with me how I felt. While I was stressed by work, deeper within, I was actually grieving over my inability to relate with my Dad. Having this insights now, I’m clearer about what I need to do to connect with my Dad.”

Engineer (aged 36)

Celebrating My Late Brother’s Life

“I know my late brother held a special place in my heart but I didn’t realise I had not given myself the needed time and space to process through the grief and loss. I’m glad that my GP referred me to TSC’s Resilience Consult.

Moving on, I’m going to pen down my memories of my brother and celebrate his life!”

Retired Educator (aged 65)

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Everyone’s Story is Unique.

Ready to Discover Yours?

The Synergy Collective

We want to reach people at significant touch points that will help strengthen their emotional resilience.

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