Resilience Consult

Emotional Health Screening

Cultivate Resilience. Care for Yourself.

Have you experienced any of these somatic symptoms?

Gain mental health insights and explore the appropriate support you need.

Prevention is Better than Cure


Observe your thoughts, emotions, and body’s responses to stress.


Be attentive to the feedbacks your thoughts, emotions and body show you.


Act promptly.
Optimise self-care with guidance to respond positively to the feedbacks.

Approach professionals to help you

Discover insights and steps for better mental health with our coach.

Start your happier and healthier life journey with our online emotional health screening.

Our Clients’ Stories

Have you done any emotional health screening?

Many who Come to Our Emotional Health Screening

Want to:

  • Identify early signs of mental health concerns
  • Prevent costs from late treatment
  • Choose effective self-care
  • Enhance their self-care

How about you? Do you share the same concerns?

Resilience Consult

During the consultation, we will:

  • Review your pre-consult questionnaire responses.
  • Recommend self-care strategies.
  • Explore additional support options if needed.

* Those below age 18 must obtain consent from parent / legal guardian.

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