Resilience Coaching

Improving Emotional Health
and Resilience

Attending to your mental and emotional well-being and strengthening your resilience can transform your life experiences.

Research has shown that people with higher degree of emotional resilience can handle stresses and crises more effectively and calmly.

It’s time & cost effective

Benefits of Online Coaching

With changing COVID-related safety measures and demands on time, online coaching allows you to access the service wherever you are as long as you have internet access.

You get to choose where you feel safe and comfortable for coaching

Customised Coaching


  • Coping with:
    – Burnout
    – Transitions
    – Work Stress
    – Toxic Work Environment
    – Social / Performance Anxiety
  • Creating Work-Life Harmony
  • Rebounding from Career Setbacks, etc.


  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Panic Attacks
  • Reduced Concentration and Focus
  • Appetite Improvement
  • Addiction Issues
  • Fatigue, etc.

Family Life / Caregiving

  • Coping with Transitions
  • Improving Child’s Behaviour
    & Routines
  • Caring for Child with Special Needs / Developmental Delays
  • Supporting Child with Peers and School-Related Stress
  • Managing Caregiving Fatigue, etc.

We will consider your needs,
equip and pace with you as you develop emotional resilience

Not sure where and how to start? No worries. We’ll assist you.
Book our Resilience Consult for an assessment first.
Or check out FAQ on Resilience Coaching as you decide.

Our Clients’ Stories

“I started the journey with TSC wanting to gain greater clarity for my next life stage. My Coach, Patricia, was warm in her approach, insightful and perceptive. With her support, I broke out from my comfort zone and took steps to explore different career options. Working with Patricia has been an enriching experience.”


“My GP referred me because of my chronic gastro problems. TSC rightly identified that it was due to social anxiety coupled with history of adverse childhood experiences and worked with me on the concerns. Subsequently, my gastro specialist (from hospital) discharged me as my condition improved. Gone were the days of pain and embarrassment. Thank you TSC, and also my GP for referring me. Something that had bothered me for few years is finally resolved.”

Heidi (aged 18 student)

Coaching Packages

4 Sessions
  • Per Session
6 Sessions
  • Per Session
8 Sessions
  • Per Session
  • (Most POPULAR)
Trial Session
  • Per Session
  • Book Resilience Consult for an assessment and emotional health screening first. We will advise on the coaching support you need as you decide.
  • Need instalments for fee payments?
    Feel free to discuss your situation with us. We’re open to work out the details with you.

The Synergy Collective

We want to reach people at significant touch points that will help strengthen their emotional resilience.

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