Resilience Courses

Resilience through Life Seasons

TSC offers courses and talks for different life seasons, starting with Resilient Expectant Parents, a series of online antenatal care and parentcraft workshops. Check out below!

Resilient Expectant Parents

Online Antental & Parentcraft Courses

Feeling anxious or lost as you await your baby’s arrival?
Supported by a multi-disciplinary team, we prepare you mentally and emotionally for parenthood so that you are baby-ready.

Through the courses, you will:

  • Strengthen your couple relationship and resilience as you prepare for parenthood
  • Have greater awareness of your emotional well-being during pregnancy
  • Gain reflective space to think and work through your parenting beliefs and values as you chart your parenthood journey

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Self-Care during Pregnancy

  • Impact of hormonal changes
  • Enjoying your pregnancy
  • Eating well, resting well
  • Relaxation strategies and techniques

woman carrying baby

Support during Labour

  • Signs and symptoms of labour
  • Knowing your pain relief options
  • Partner’s role during labour

Labour & Delivery

  • Managing labour pain
  • Types of birth
  • Understanding newborn screening and vaccinations

Baby Brain Development

  • Fetal brain development
  • Impact of stress on expectant parents
  • Impact of stress on babies
  • Bonding activities for growth
woman carrying a baby

Baby Bathing & Skin Care

  • Baby bath routines
  • Managing common skin conditions in newborns
  • Confinement care in the new normal

Baby Feeding

  • Recognising hunger cues
  • Soothing the hungry baby
  • Mummy feeding baby
  • Daddy feeding baby

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Hear from other Participants

“The workshops were extremely insightful and constructive with wide ranging and thought-provoking contents.

The multi-disciplinary team of midwife, social worker and mental health professional provided varied perspectives through evidence-based practices.

Thank you for preparing us for parenthood.”

Jason & Melvina

“We appreciate how the team is an authoritative source of information for us to fact-check and clarify what we heard or read elsewhere.

They focused not only on the pregnant mothers but also on the importance of the husbands’ support during this journey. This strengthens our marriage as we look forward to welcoming a new addition to our family.”

Michael & Peixin

couple having bonding time

What to Expect

Duration & Blended-Learning Mode

Each course is about 1.5 hours via

a) Synchronous Learning (Zoom) and

b) Asynchronous Learning
(Learning Management System)

Benefits of Asynchronous Learning via
Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Unlimited access to e-learning materials for 1 month
  • Time flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • More time to reflect on your learning
  • You get to organise your priorities according to your needs and time availability
Benefits of Synchronous Learning during
Zoom Session
  • You can ask questions in real-time
  • A greater sense of community when you learn together with peers

  • Forming your own group? We can discuss customisation with you.
  • We welcome social service professionals and counsellors to sign-up.

The Synergy Collective

We want to reach people at significant touch points that will help strengthen their emotional resilience.

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