About Us

raising emotional resilience

Emotional Resilience adapts to stress, challenges, and crises.
It enables problem tackling, acceptance, and growth post-adversity.

Empowering Lives through …

1) Co-creating safe space for increased mental well-being.

2) Capitalising on information and communications technology (ICT) for easy access to mental health resources.

3) Consulting and collaborating for social prescribing.
We connect clients with community and healthcare resources to promote holistic mental wellness.

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Our Vision

Everyone, a resilient change agent.

Our Mission

Empowering lives through holistic mental health solutions.

Our Core (FAITH) Values

  • Faithfulness – Be responsible steward of resources and talents.
  • Availability – Be present for life’s priorities.
  • Integrity – Be honest and coherent with the character we want to embrace.
  • Teachability – Be committed to personal growth and shed burdens for a better self.
  • Heart for Self and Others – Be kind to self and others to build up one another.

Empowering Lives through Holistic Mental Health Solutions

We believe emotional resilience can be developed, one conversation at a time.

Journey with us, develop emotional resilience and improve mental health as you:

  • Discover your strengths, resources, motivation and mental health goals
  • Develop resilience skills and strategies
  • Dedicate action plans for positive impact that is meaningful for yourself and people you care

Meet our Founder

Hi, I’m Frieda! Consultant, accredited social worker, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with 20+ years in social services and healthcare.

Empowering Lives through Different Communities
  • Director, Global Institute of Social Work
    (2020 – Current)
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Member, Big Love
    Child Protection Specialist Centre
    (2013 – Current)
  • Appointed Ambassador for Social Work by Singapore Association of Social Workers
    (2005 – 2012)
  • Co-Founder, Life! Community Development
    – Board Chair (2007 – 2009)
    – Board Director (2004 – 2009)

Empowering Lives through Strategic Partnerships

With like-minded practitioners,
we foster an ecosystem, fortifying emotional resilience.

The Synergy Collective

Empowering lives through holistic mental health solutions