Raising Emotional Resilience

Resilience Consult

Online Emotional Health Screening

helps you better understand your emotional well-being

Do a 2-mins pre-consult questionnaire

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After the online consultation, you can decide how and where to get further support, if you need.

Our Services

Resilience Consult

Resilience building involves being more aware of your emotional well-being and investing in positive self-care. Have you done your emotional health screening?

Start your self-care today!

Resilience Coaching

Resilience coaching helps you attend to your well-being through discovering your motivation and leveraging your strengths.

With dedicated online coaching, you can navigate changes, build psychological resources and strengthen your resilience muscles. Check out how you can meet your mental and emotional health needs!

*Optional: Personal coaching app to track your progress.

Resilience Courses

Strengthen your emotional resilience as you learn through practical issues and develop resilience skills and strategies.

TSC offers courses and talks for different life stages, starting with Resilient Expectant Parents, an online antenatal care and parent-craft course. Check it out!

We can customise the courses (workshops/talks) according to your training needs. If you have any proposed training dates/time, you can softbook first and share with us brief profile of your training participants.

We can connect for further discussion.

Reflective Supervision

Calling all helping professionals, this space is for you!

Helping professionals are prone to burnout, exhaustion and secondary traumatic stress.

Giving attention to your self-care while growing professionally is the best gift you can give the community, your clients, family and yourself.

The Synergy Collective

We want to reach people at significant touch points that will help strengthen their emotional resilience.

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